about me

Hi! I'm Lye, I'm 23 and I just love gaming, computer science and art. I'm still pretty new when it comes to modding but I'm definitely trying to improve. Modding is mostly just a hobby for me and a good stress relief, at least as long as everything goes just fine!

Feel free to message me on any kind of social media with any questions and issues you have regarding my mods. I don't bite.


  • My mods are not considered modding resources so if you want to do anything with those, please ASK FIRST. Whether you just want to port it to something else, use part of it in another mod or upscale/downscale. Basically any edit for public use must be consulted with me first.

  • DO NOT use my mods or parts of my mods in private commissions or patreon mods. For public commissions please ASK FIRST.

  • Private edits (that is for you or a small group of friends) with no money involved are ok.

  • DO NOT post my mods, mods using parts of my work, conversions of my mods or ports of my mods on TT's Discord Server. I do not want my stuff on there anymore.


  • Makeups

  • Model swaps

  • Hairstyles and race conversions

  • Accessories

  • Clothing

  • Scales/Tattoos

  • Poses

  • Lalafell stuff (except accessories)

  • Explicit NSFW stuff

  • Eye retextures

  • Upscales/downscales

Payment method: Paypal

  • Make up: 15 €+

  • Face paints and simple face edits: 6 €

  • Model swap: 3 €

  • Hairstyle: 30 € + 10 € per additional race

  • Hairstyle port to another race: 10 €

  • Accessory: 10 € (for one race)

  • Scales recolour: 10 €+

  • Tattoos: 8 €+ (depending on the complexity)

  • Viera ear replacement: 13 €+

  • Full Outfits: 85 €+ (DM first if you want just a single piece of clothing, will charge depending on its complexity)

  • Pose: 8 €+ depending on the complexity


Clothes made using T&F's body HAVE to go public after 2 weeks.

  • I collect payment after the commission is done but I won't send the files until I receive it. I'll let you know when I'll start working on the commission, will send you WIP pictures, gifs and in game screenshots so you can be up-to-date with it.

  • If you want me to port a hairstyle to another race that wasn't made by me, you need to receive a permission for it. I will require a screenshot of such permission (either PM or a screenshot of that person's ToS).

  • If you want me to port sth from Sims 4, you need to receive a permission for it (again, screenshot required, either PM or ToS), unless it's already known by me that this modder is okay with porting their stuff to FFXIV. If you're not sure, ask.

  • Prices cover my time spent on porting the item. I don't usually make things from scratch (except for the makeup, redrawing textures and alphas).

  • If a certain hairstyle/item need their alpha to be redrawn or an item needs their texture redrawn, additional fees may apply.

  • Please make sure to send me EUROS. Paypal will automatically change my currency to PLN, please change it back to EURO. Sorry for the trouble!

  • NO REFUNDS after the commission has been completed, that is after the payment has been sent and the mod has been received. Small fixes (backfaces, clipping) can be done afterwards free of charge, but additional changes are counted as another commission.

Pricing and commission info may change at any time.

mod examples

makeup and tattoo examples